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A straight – laced guy threatens his eclectic girlfriend’s independence with a marriage proposal, turning their romantic getaway into an emotional roller coaster. Set to the music of R&B / Soul artist Carolyn Malachi.

“All that I am is ready…for the world.”


This reel gives a glimpse of my dramatic and comedic work. It was and honor to work with talented directors like Eric Branco, Tony Comax, and Louie C.K. Be sure to watch until the end for a hilarious “Godfather-esqe” moment. See the full version here.

“Man up, and reclaim your balls!” 

I was honored to co-star in this poignant video along with the extremely talented Nia Fairweather. You probably know J. Ivy from his Grammy award winning collaboration with Kanye West on West’s hit song “Never Let Me Down.” We are all very proud to bring J’s words to life in this video depicting the dangers of relationships riddled with domestic abuse. If you are a victim of this type of abuse, please seek help.

“He swings on his dime like he in a fight with Mike in his prime.”